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ATMC’s Group Term Insurance Product provides employee benefit propositions to Companies who wish to offer the death or disability protection to its employees. By purchasing Group Term Insurance from ATMC, the coverage costs for each employee becomes much less than if they had to purchase an individual policy. This is an important employee benefit and the value of this outweighs its, often marginal, cost. Key features of the product include:

  1. Provides protection cover to groups of people
  2. One master policy covering all members of the group
  3. Annually renewable term plan
  4. Addition of members anytime during the year
  5. Sum assured payable to nominee on death of the covered member
  6. Employees can be additionally covered by riders (e.g. accidental, critical illness , disability)
  7. Simplified enrollment process

Benefits To employer

  1. Life cover for all the group members under one policy
  2. Easy and hassle free financial help to the employee's family, in case of an unfortunate event
  3. Cost-effective method to buy a high cover at a low premium
  4. Serves as strong retention tool
  5. Simple procedures for addition and deletion of members in to the policy

Benefits To employee

  1. Adequate financial support to loved ones against his accident, illness or untimely death
  2. Convenience of no medical tests till free cover limits
  3. Premiums paid significantly lower than the individual protection of same scale

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