The casualty  policies provide protection against multi risks to the business, such as general and commercial liability, money, employee infidelity, and workers’ compensation. There are various lines of insurance that are associated with this insurance class. 

Fidelity Guarantee

Also known as ‘employee theft’ insurance, it covers the infidelity of employees, whether they are accountants, store keepers, or employees in other positions, and it is important  when employees have access to money or stock.

Trade credit (Commercial perils)

Trading companies are involved in providing credit facilities to their corporate clients. a trade credit policy protects these companies from their customers' failing to pay and therefore protects the trading companies' interest.

Money Insurance

Cash-in-safe or cash in transit insurance relates to the insurance of money, whether cash or other forms of financial papers, whether in fixed places in during transit. Sometimes it is referred to as money insurance.

Hauliers Liability Insurance

The purpose is to provide indemnity in regard to the legal liability of the carrier (or freight forwarder) for physical loss or damage to the goods handled on behalf of customers during the transit of stocks.

Workers Compensation Insurance

A workers compensation policy indemnifies workers during their work. It can also indemnify organisations for their legal liability for causing accidental bodily injury or disease to any employee during their business activities.

Commercial General Liability

A commercial general liability (CGL) policy covers an organisation’s legal liability for third party injuries or property damage resulting from its business operations. It is a broad form that cover a wide range of risks.

Personal Accident

Personal-accident coverage for people, whether managers or employees on a 24-hour- basis-worldwide. The policy will provides indemnity against death and other forms of injury or disablement, as provided in the policy wording.

Bankers Blanket Bond

Financial institutions deal with various types of money, such as cash currencies, securities, and financial papers. This insurance covers financial institutions against multiple risks that their activities are usually exposed to..

Public Liability

Since all businesses can be liable to third parties during their operation, a public liability policy covers an organisation’s legal liability for third-party injuries or property damage arising from its business operations.