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ATMC Non-motor Claim Team -Contact Detail

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Claim Team

•    Phone: 920008424

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Sheikh Muhammad Nawaz

Non-motor Claims Manager
•   Mobile: 0504793263

•   Landline: 012 6433334 Ext 223

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  1. Claim Notification: Claim notification received from the insured.

  2. Claim Acknowledgement: Claim acknowledged, and the insured is a given claim reference for future correspondence, along with the claim form. Any further need for required information or documents is communicated within 7 calendar days

  3. Investigation: Loss adjuster appointed if required within 3 days as a maximum from receiving the claim notification to investigate the loss and submit investigation report to the insurer

  4. Claim Decision: 

        - If claim qualifies for consideration, the acceptance form is sent to the insured.

        - If claim does not qualify for consideration, rejection letter sent to the insured with the reason of rejection.

  5. Claim Settlement: The agreed claim amount is transferred to the bank account of the insured within 15 calendar days after the receipt of the acceptance from the insured.

  6. Discharge Receipt : Following the transfer of the claim amount, the insured has to sign a discharge receipt .

  7. Complaint Procedure: In the event of objection to the settlement, the insured can file a complaint with the  ATMC Customer Service Department. If the solution still not acceptable, the insured may file a complaint with SAMA at



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