Customer Care

We value the opportunity to look into your concerns, opinions and suggestions, and we are committed to dealing with all complaints fairly, consistently, and promptly.

We recognise that your concerns may be due to an unintentional error, misunderstanding, or difference of viewpoints; however, Our customer care team is dedicated to investigating your complaints, to following up on solving them, and  to getting back to you promptly.
Our customer care unit exercises its activities independently when dealing with your opinions, suggestions, and complaints, in accordance with sound principles consistent with prevailing regulations, all the while upholding the highest quality standards.


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Communication Channels

To be the insurance partner of choice and to ensure that we provide you with the best customer service, we are pleased to receive your comments and suggestions by the following means:

  • Call centre 920008424
  • Email:
  • visiting one of our branches
  • Toll Free 8001240211


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