Electronic Equipment  Insurance 


Cover Provided

Section 1 - ‘All Risks’ coverage on the equipment insured against any sudden and unforeseen loss or damage occurring during the period of insurance.

Section 2 – External Data Media such as floppy discs, diskettes, tapes or any electronic storage media.  The cost of regenerating data is also covered.


    Section 3–Increased Cost of Working.  Including overtime charges, equipment hire costs etc for a temporary period until business as normal is resumed


Sum Insured

Equipment should be insured for its current market new replacement value or the reinstatement cost of the equipment insured of the same kind and capacity including freight, dues and erection costs.  External data media should be the amount required to restore the data media by replacing lost or damaged data by new material and reproducing lost information.  For Increased Cost of Working, need to opt for an appropriate ‘indemnity period’ which reflects restoration time and the monetary costs and expenses incurred during such period.