Gold Program



The gold saving & protection program provide financial fixed protection in case of death, you can add accidental death riders to improve protection while saving for your retirement.


Minimum Age at Entry


Maximum Age at Entry 65
Maximum Age at Maturity 70
Minimum Term (Years) 5
Maximum Term (Years) 25


Minimum Premium (Monthly)

SAR 500

Sum Covered 

(SAR 150,000) Level 

Additional Benefits / Riders 

Accidental death benefit only

Basic Death Benefit

The higher:
Sum covered or policyholders’ investment account balance

Amount of Benefit in the Maturity Date

The amount equal to the balance of the policyholders' investment account

Surrender Charge

100% of the fund value during the first  12 months


*Investment Strategies Option

*Balanced portfolio only

   (*) Balanced Portfolio Strategy (BPS): 

This strategy and is a mixture of defensive and aggressive strategies.

•    An investment charge is applied as a percentage of the balance in the policyholders' investment account.

•    The unit prices quoted to the policyholder are always a net amount of the investment management charge. 

Investment strategies are managed by the Alinma Investment Company, through a private agreement for the management of investment funds allocated to it. For additional information about the Alinma Investment Company, please visit their website