Group Term Insurance


  • Provides protection cover to groups of people
  • One master policy covering all members of the group
  • Annually renewable term plan with approval of both parties
  • Addition of members anytime during the year
  • Sum Ensured payable to nominee upon death of the covered member
  • Employees can be additionally covered by riders (e.g. accidental, critical illness , or disability)
  • Simplified enrollment process


Benefits to employer:

  • Life coverage for all of the group members under one policy
  • Easy and hassle free financial help to the employee's family, in case of an unfortunate event
  • Cost-effective method to buy a high cover at a low premium
  • Serves as a strong retention tool
  • Simple procedures for the addition and deletion of members in the policy


Benefits to Employee:

  • Adequate financial support to loved ones against his or her accident, illness or untimely death
  • Convenience of no medical tests till until free cover limits
  • Premiums paid significantly lower than the individual protection of same scale