Home Package Insurance


Cover Provided

Section 1 - ‘Household Contents’ -  covers household contents against specified contingencies of Fire; Explosion; Lightning; Earthquake; Smoke damage; Storm and Flood; Riot; Civil Commotion; Strikes; Labour Disturbances; Malicious Persons or Vandalism; Collision by Vehicles, Animals or Aircraft; Escape of Water; Theft or Attempted Theft; Falling Aerials.  In addition, policy also covers: replacement door locks; frozen food; cost of alternative accommodation; removal of debris


Section 2‘Accidental Damage to Contents’ -  cover extended to include damage by accidental external means to contents whilst in the Insured’s premises. 


Section 3 – ‘Personal Possessions & Valuables’ -  covers Insured’s personal possessions, valuables and portable equipment specified in the policy schedule against loss or accidental damage whilst in the ‘Geographical Area’ or whilst temporarily removed anywhere in the world for up to 90 days during any period of insurance.


Section 4 – ‘Buildings’ -  covers damage to the buildings and/or landlord’s furniture, fixtures and fittings against the same specified contingencies as ‘Household Contents’ and additionally covering: cost of alternative accommodation or loss of rent payable; architects’ and surveyors’ fees; removal of debris


Section 5 – ‘Accidental Damage to Buildings’ -  cover extended to include damage by accidental means to the buildings.


Section 6 – ‘Public Liability’ - covers the legal liability of the Insured as either occupier or owner of the building in respect of bodily injury or damage to third party property. Subject to stated limits of indemnity


Section 7 – ‘Compensation for Death of the Insured’ -  compensation if the Insured dies as a result of bodily injury suffered following a fire or from an unauthorized intruder