Money Insurance

Coverage Provided:

The policyholder is indemnified for the loss of cash plus any damage to a safe, strongroom, container, or waistcoat that occurs during the course of the theft or attempted theft.  Includes losses from the policyholder’s premises, while in transit to bank safes.

Extent of Coverage:

Money includes: cash, bank and currency notes, and travelers cheques, banker's drafts, postal orders, money orders, and bills of exchange.

Coverage will be comparable to the limits of the sum insured. Certain limits will apply including the following:
   -     Maximum amount to be kept in specific safes or strongrooms
   -     Maximum amount to be carried per transit

Information required: 

You will need to fill out a proposal form and inform us of the following :
-    Estimated annual cash carryings (policy can be adjusted to reflect actual carryings at the end of the policy period)
-    Details of any safes or strongrooms  (including manufacturer, model, weight, and dimensions)