Individual Protection & Saving Programs

P&S are programs that grant insurance coverage to the policy holder in case of death or disability, God forbid, as well as long-term savings and the selection of an appropriate investment strategy.
As per the law of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, all savings or protection insurance products holders or if there is a change in your circumstances, then the insured would be required to provide relevant updates about himself/herself to ensure full compliance with these new regulations. This process may be completed by obtaining a “self-certification form” duly completed and additional documentary evidence of your status (if needed). For more details click here 

Platinum Program

The platinum saving & protection program provides financial protection in case of death, and you can add the additional riders to improve protection in addition to the amounts of money received during retirement.  

Gold Program

The gold saving & protection program provide financial fixed protection in case of death, you can add accidental death riders to improve protection while saving for your retirement.

   Marriage Program

The marriage program is a financial solution that will help you save money for your son's marriage by providing insurance protection, including exemption from payment of premiums in case of your absence.

Istithmar Program

This investment program is one of the best solutions to minimising risk when you do not have enough time to pursue your diverse investments in financial markets.

Ta'aleem Program

This education program is a focused on providing savings that will help you save money for your kids' college education with insurance protection in case of your absence.