Life at ATMC

ATMC brings together the international expertise of Tokio Marine Group and the local flavour filtered through Alinma Bank.

Being part of ATMC is a highly rewarding experience. ATMC treats each one of its employees with honesty, respect, openness, and transparency. We believe in creating a friendly, warm and conducive environment to bring the best out of our employees. Our open, honest company culture means that whether you are a senior executive or junior officer, your opinion and input are heard and taken into consideration when the company’s direction and strategies are devised.

ATMC takes pride in developing itself as an ‘employer of choice’, where careers are nurtured and talents are polished. Our people are our family, and for them, this is not just a job but a career!


The foundation of ATMC’s corporate culture is built on the following four principles:


At ATMC, leadership is not about ‘telling how it is done’ but about ‘showing how it is done’. Our leadership is built upon encouragement rather that guidance. We motivate  our employees to take up leadership in our daily routine,  which provides us peace of mind because ATMC has leaders for the future!

Team Work

ATMC is a multi-cultural organisation, and our employees, who come from different cultures, have different areas of expertise. We value teamwork and cooperation and ensure that every individual’s contribution in the company is fully recognised and appropriately rewarded. The core values of cooperation and respect are ingrained in our day-to-day work.

Work Life Balance

ATMC firmly believes that the productivity of its employees is directly proportional to their peace of mind, which has a strong relation with the work life balance. We encourage that the right number of quality hours be spent in the office, rather than a large number of sporadically productive hours. Our results have shown that we achieve good results by focusing on quality working time

Training and Development

ATMC invests in its people. Whether it is a training session in Zurich or an educational program in Tokyo, you will find ATMC employees getting full benefits out of these. Training and development is one of the core focus areas of ATMC management. We encourage not only training programs but also long-term education in specialised area

Working for ATMC is an unparalleled experience.