World Savings Day

  • Saving with a goal
    • Saving is important factor to plan future events. It is, in fact, the most significant aspect to sustain and develop better future financially. Saving is culture that require assigning goals and continues action plan to accomplish these goals.
    • Most common Saving Goals are: children Education and Marriage. We, at ATMC, have customized two Protection and Saving products to support our valuable clients to reach their goals.
  • What is Protection and Saving products?
    • ATMC offers products that give (1) a protection covers to its P&S clients against death and disability (god forbid) event, (2) Saving function to reach financial goal at the end of the policy, and (3) investment income of the saved amount.
    • In more details, a client will pay a premium (which will be calculated based on the required return amount at the end of the policy) and the company will divide this premium into two main parts: Saving and Protection. At the end of the policy, the client will get the saved amount and investment income (if applicable). The Policy Holder (or the beneficiaries) will be indemnify in death or complete disability as per the policy terms and conditions. 
  • Why should I get P&S product, where I can do the saving on my own?
    • P&S protection aspect will ensure that the saving amount will continue to be accumulated even after the event of death or complete disability, and necessary funds will be available to your child(ren) at the end of the policy.
    • To have a complete explanation of P&S products, kindly reach at through the email:
  • What is Education and Marriage Products? 
  • Both products are P&S solutions for securing future funds for children. You can select the amount to pay as your premium and duration based on the amount you want to accumulate and the time when you require the amount. The Education plan and Marriage plan ensure your savings stream continues even after the unfortunate event such as death or complete disability, in order to make the fund available in future for your child(ren).

Example: (the policy holder is a male at the age of 30 years old)

  Education Plan Marriage Plan
Goal To Save 30,000 in 5 years To save 150,000 in 15 years
The monthly Savings (Premium) 500 700
Amount available at maturity (assuming 5% investment return) (after 5 years) about 29,000 (after 15 years) about 158,000